June 21-29 2017 in Oaxaca Mexico

Join El Colectivo Macondo in Oaxaca, Mexico June 21-29 2017 as we study with traditional craftspersons and learn about their practices, use of art materials, rituals and Multimodal Expressive Arts in the art filled city.


We will study fiber dying using dyestuffs from sources in nature with our teacher Veronica Chavez, a fiber artist from the town Teotitlan del Valle whose work is informed by traditional Zapotec practices. We will each dye approximately 2 lbs. of wool to take home for our own fiber and textile projects. 


Natural elements used in fiber dying including nut shells, bougainvillea petals, marigolds, and cochineal

Veronica and wool dyed using natural dyestuffs


Veronica will also teach us to weave on the treadle loom, and we will make a small "tapete" woven piece as a learning project. We will discuss the metaphors that exist within Veronica's practices and processes that will inform our Multimodal Expressive Arts work with our clients and in our communities.

Preparing bobbins for weaving

Our teacher Veronica weaving on the treadle loom


Our teacher Adrian Martinez in the town Santa Maria de Atzompa will teach us traditional ceramic and pottery practices rooted in Zapotec traditions. We will learn the traditional handbuilding technique using coils named "churritos". 

Our teacher Adrian Martinez creating an "olla" by traditional handbuilding techniques


We will also learn about the use of the traditional kiln for firing. Adrian has taught me that the same plan, process, and structure of the kiln has been used for the last 2000 years. 

Adrian's mother, Ana Maria Alarzon preparing the kiln

We will study with our teachers, the mask makers, Pedro Mendoza Ortega, Enrique de Jesus Mendoza Sosa, and Marco Antonio Lopez Gusman who are from the town San Martin Tilcajete. We will create sculptural masks and will discuss the Expressive elements in masks and the ways work with masks is transformational. 

San Martin Artist Adorning Mask

Mask Making Class with teacher Pedro Mendoza Ortega

Teacher Marco Antonio Lopes Gusman Creating Mask


Masked Carnaval Revelers from San Martin Tilcajete


We will practice traditional "danzas" - forms of dance. 

Traditional Dancers and Drummers - El Centro de las Artesanias Oaxaca


We will study with our teachers in their home studios in the communities surrounding the city of Oaxaca exploring the naturally occurring Expressive elements of their work that will inform our work with our clients and community members.We will practice Multimodal processes integrating them into the activities of each day. We will also visit ruins and sacred places and sample traditional indigenous cuisine as they provide examples of ritual and Expressive practices.  For those students preparing for REACE or REAT Registration, you will earn 50 Multimodal contact hours. 

Workshop Cost $735 includes all learning activities, art materials, transportation to and from teachers' studios, ruins and admission to Monte Alban, to el Tule and farewell dinner. 

We will be based at the hotel Oaxaca Real Hotel. Special room rate $46 per night double occupancy at today's exchange rate available for reservations at this price until May 1. We will help you find a roommate if you like. 

We hope you will join us!! Please contact us with questions and to request registration materials. Wendy and El Colectivo Macondo