Workshop 1: June 17, 18, and 19, 2017 in Oaxaca Mexico

Join us in Oaxaca to learn from traditional Zapotec artist teachers while integrating their craft practices with Multimodal Processes:

Our teacher Veronica preparing dyestuffs

Traditional Weaving and Dyeing Intensive in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico: Day One: Our teacher Veronica Chavez will lead us as we hike in the majestic hills of her town, Teotitlan del Valle as we collect the natural materials we will use for dying organic yarn.

Veronica working with a cochineal dyepot

Day Two: Veronica will teach us about the natural materials used to create the colors used in the traditional practice of weaving Tapetes (traditional rugs) such as indigo, cochineal, alfalfa, and marigold petals. We will practice the alchemy of shifting and transforming the colors using traditional, natural, chemical processes and will create a dye pot and dye yarn to take home for our own knitting, weaving, and crochet projects.

Day Three: Veronica will teach us weaving on a floor treadle loom and each of us will weave a small woven piece to hang on the wall or make into another object.

Preparing the bobbins for weaving

Our teacher Veronica weaving on the treadle loom

Throughout the workshop we will discuss and practice Multimodal processes inspired by our fiber work.

Cost: $250 for three days including materials and transportation to and from Teotitlan del Valle from our hotel. Each participant will dye approximately 2 lbs. of organic wool yarn to take home for projects. 

For Expressive Arts students, you will earn 18 Multimodal contact hours. 

Our hotel will be the Oaxaca Real, $46 per night double occupancy.

Please send a note or call with questions.