Multimodal Expressive Arts Certificate 2 - Completely Online

Individually Designed Courses: We engage with the Expressive Arts theories that inform our work with clients and in our communities in the form of Individually Designed Courses via Distance Learning format. Courses are planned by students in collaboration with teacher-mentors. Together they select relevant readings and other media resources and create objectives that meet the student's needs related to personal and professional goals. Three Individually Designed Courses are required for the completion of the Certificate in Multimodal Expressive Arts: 

  • 1) Multimodal Expressive Arts Theory and Personal Experience: Foundational Readings and Beginning Your Personal Expressive Arts Practice, 
  • 2) Multimodal Expressive Arts work with Groups, 
  • 3) Multimodal Expressive Arts in the Community and Social Justice. 
  • 4) Final Project - Students will create a proposal for a project to be carried out in their home communities.

Students may also create additional Individualized courses optionally, if desired to help them prepare themselves to work with specific populations using the Expressive Arts or to prepare themselves for REACE or REAT Registration. 

REAT supervision also available in English and Spanish by phone and videoconference. 

Costs: "A La Carte" pricing.

Students pay for component(s) in which she/he is actively participating.
Individually Designed Courses: $225 each. Each course lasts 3 months.
Culminating Project: $325.

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